Since its inception in 2013 which saw the first CLASSIC SHOOT OUT event hosted at the TuksAthletics Stadium in Pretoria, the event has grown into the most highly anticipated and exciting event in the South African athletics calendar. 10 consecutive years of excellent competitions, national records, personal best, unearthing new superstars most important of all, growing the love of athletics where it matters most, at schools.

The aim of the NEWTON CLASSIC SHOOT OUT is plain and simple, to make HEROES out of South African athletes whilst they showcased their talent in front of high school crowds. The atmosphere is always electric, filled with anticipation and when the gun goes off the excitement fills the heart of spectators watching live or online.

Local high school stars, provincial athletes, national athletes and going as far as drawing international superstars from all over the world. There is always a guarantee of fast races and memories that last a lifetime.

It’s not every day that the average person gets to interact with the athletes and see these superstars in action before they take on their domestic and international seasons. 10 years of excellence but only a beginning of what’s to come.